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The DermoFluid range was born in the DETERLUB laboratory created in 1979, located between Cannes and Grasse (Alpes-Maritimes, South of France). Our range has been formulated and patented to radically prevent irritation problems when shaving.

How it all began


Design resolutely original products, respectful of the needs of our users and concerned about our environment.


“Never doubt that a small group of conscious, committed individuals can change the World. That’s even the way it’s always happened.”
Margaret Mead American anthropologist (1901-1978)
People are at the heart of our Strategy


Without water, we reduce unnecessary packaging by 5 times and limit the carbon impact of transport for the end consumer.
The aftershave is unnecessary, the fluid participates in the moisturizing care of the skin.
Optimization of razor blades by extending their lifespan by 2 (seen under an electron microscope).


Pharmacists are invited to request test doses free of charge from the Laboratory.


To discover the New Horizons of Shaving Protection.


The Dermofluid range, Shaving Fluids, presented on this site is patented and respects all of our commitments and offers a comfortable alternative to traditional shaving (electric or mechanical).
Suitable for all beard types, your dermatologist can prescribe it for difficult shaving.
Sold in pharmacies since 2002, recognized for their exceptional lubricating properties, the Fluids prevent all shaving pathologies (irritations, pimples, folliculitis) including at the end of the shave.


We particularly recommend them for difficult shaves.

  • Benefit: Prevention of irritation over the duration of the shave;
  • Principle:Self-regenerating water-based lubricating protection that limits or even cancels razor damage to the skin.
  • Product Features: Anhydrous, Water-soluble, Strong affinity for the epidermis.
  • Practical: Applied to previously wet skin, the fluid will generate a lubricating film that is regenerated by re-wetting and massaging the epidermis (2 to 3 seconds). At the end of the shave, the skin is soft and hydrated thanks to the moisturizing care that remains after shaving

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