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Shaving fluids and Aftershave

This European patent revolutionizes shaving care:

  • Unparalleled concentration of active lubricants 3 to 6 drops are enough for 1 shave!
  • Water solubility for instant cleaning of the blades which differentiates them from similar shaving oils by their non-foaming side.
  • Affinity for the epidermis, the skin recognizes the nature of the fluid. It is close to the products naturally secreted by the epidermis.

2 in 1 function

Incorporating a shaving fluid and aftershave directly, it saves time, saves space, saves money for the user.


The primary function of the shaving product is to prepare the skin for shaving and to provide the best glide of the razor: this, in order to limit the risk of cuts and irritation.

Preparation and lubrication of the skin

The observation: Today, foam and shaving gel bombs focus on an abundant, creamy foam. The foam makes it possible to know where the razor has gone. However, the speed of foam formation leaves the epidermis little time to be well prepared for shaving, as was the case in the days of shaving brushes and shaving soap. Lubrication is limited while the abundant foam created clogs the blade(s) of the razor, and thus tends to limit its effectiveness and lifespan.

DermoFluide Shaving Fluid & After Shave

  • helps prepare the skin for shaving; the face first needs to be hydrated, then it is necessary to massage it so that the few drops of Shaving Fluid & of After Shave are well distributed
  • provides the lubricants that cause the skin to fade under the pressure of the razor without forming a bead
  • does not foam: instead of seeing there where the blade went, you can see where it goes!
  • the foam does not clog the blade: the shave is optimized
  • The risk of cuts and irritation are thus reduced
  • Time
    Observation: The abundant lather created by the shaving foam or gel, on the one hand requires tedious and repeated cleaning of the blade(s). ) of the razor, on the other hand requires careful rinsing of the face to remove all traces of foam.
    With DermoFluide Shaving Fluid & of After Shave, the shaving time is reduced thanks to an instant cleaning of the razor. Since the product is non-foaming, transparent and designed to stay on the skin, rinsing is no longer essential, which is another time saver.


The observation: Used to refresh and tone the skin after shaving, aftershave is often highly alcoholic, which gives a burning sensation on irritated or fragile skin .

Here, no need for an aftershave: once you shave, the conditioning brought to the skin gives a pleasant feeling of freshness and softness, while firming and moisturizing. Note that even on fragile skin, particularly prone to “razor burn”, the comfort provided is spectacular and redness is very clearly reduced.