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Miss Shave – Shaving and aftershave fluid

Brevet européen n°97480047.6

Miss Shave

Miss Shave is based on the same principle as the Shaving Fluid & After Shave: micro-quantities of product are enough for a successful shave.
Its composition differs from the men’s version; it is notably modified to increase the softness, protection and hydration of the skin, and is also given a discreet fragrance.

The finding

Recently, women’s shaving is no longer hidden: major brands have developed their range in this direction. Women increasingly appreciate mechanical shaving for its convenience and speed of use.
However, by developing a range of shaving foam and gel for women, two disadvantages appear:

  • on the one hand, shaving foam has become the male symbol par excellence;
  • on the other hand, for a subject that has remained taboo for a long time, shaving foam is cumbersome, and therefore not very discreet.

The benefits of Miss Shave

  • Discreet, Miss Shave can be taken anywhere
  • The treatment only takes a few minutes
  • No risk of forgetting a trace of foam
  • Its function 2 in 1: a single bottle for complete shaving care
  • Its duration of use : several months
  • rinsing is no longer necessary, the product is designed to remain on the skin

Miss Shave in electric hair removal

Miss Shave can also be used as a pre-depilation product. The skin is thus better prepared to undergo hair removal while once the treatment is finished, the skin remains fresh.